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Our company was founded in 2010 in Springfield, Missouri. We are a MBE certified company. Our mission is to offer shippers the ability to post loads for FREE, then offer carriers the ability to also find loads for FREE.

We try not to complicate matters, it’s easy! See a load- like it-CALL US-leave the rest to us.

We equip ourselves with the latest and most innovative technology necessary to keep us ahead in the game. We strive to achieve the ultimate ‘Win Win Win’ on every occasion. We ask all our customers (existing and new) to rely on us as professionals in this industry to handle all aspects of their transportation needs and trust us that we will represent you well having your best interest in mind.



  • Nationwide Truck Availability, All Types
  • $100,000 carrier cargo insurance
  • Outstanding customer service and 24 hr. accessibility
  • Driver safety screening and credential checks
  • Excellent load tracking and reporting
  • Timely proof of delivery
  • Servicing all 48 states, Canada and International.

Thank you for choosing  OTRloads.com for your transportation needs.
We remain; Dependable, Credible, Accountable, Reliable and Reasonable.


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