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OTRloads has an incomparable work ethic, but we realize we can’t do it alone. It takes a Team of dedicated and motivated professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to not only get the job done… but to get the job done RIGHT. We also understand that whether we’re establishing relationships with our carrier and/or our shipper partners, in route to a destination, having a conversation with a receiver, and every interaction in between, we will not have the opportunity to make a second, first impression. Work ethic is not just something we “turn on” like a switch. It is a consistent modus operandi that propels us to excel, day in and day out…during every interaction…every day.

We also understand that our independent contractors are an invaluable part of our freight brokerage service company. You are, in essence, the company’s representative or face during your work on a particular job. Because we value you, we commit to giving you the resources and tools you need to succeed. When you feel prepared, your performance improves. So, we will do all we can do to ensure your adequate preparation.

If work ethic, professionalism, courtesy and respect is as important to you and you are interested in joining our Team, please download the following questionnaire and email it to or fax it to: 888-275-5402


OTR Freight Agent Job Description

OTR Freight Agent Background Questionnaire

OTR Independent Contractor Acknowledgment Form

OTR Freight Agent Agreement

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