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What Does Our Freight Brokerage Do?

  • As Brokers we do not typically transport merchandise ourselves.
  • We base decisions on the most appropriate service for the client.
  • We contract transportation providers in order to create a transportation network. Transportation companies have to undergo credentialing processes which verifies that they are correctly insured and their drivers and vehicles all meet the necessary quality standards.
  • Our Brokerage educates clients about the transportation services that are available and how best to access them easily.
  • We are responsible for compensating the transportation providers and confirming that invoices match the provided trips, before issuing payment.
  • We provide total oversight which includes; vehicle inspections, eligibility screening, scheduling, driver certifications and invoicing/payment.

What Benefits Does Our Freight Brokerage Provide?

  • We provide the most economical modes of transportation as well as utilize whatever transportation resources are available.
  • As Brokers we enforce all requirements of eligibility. We also establish a very high standard of service. These measures ensure a far greater level of accountability.
  • We provide an administrative oversight as well as highly robust data reporting which is available for all of our clients.


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